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Laptop, hybrid laptop

Laptop, hybrid laptop
Laptop, hybrid laptop, tablet: mobility has never been more diverse! Tablets such as the iPad are growing in popularity, and by many accounts are taking the industry by storm, with people trying to get their tablets to do the things they’ve always done with their laptops. Beginning a couple of years ago, as if going backwards, the computer industry started coming out with laptop hybrids. These upsized tablets, or downsized laptops depending on your view, combine tablet portability with the power of laptops.

A primary question when choosing between laptop, hybrid laptop or tablet is what you’re going to do with it. It’s possible that one device won’t be enough and that a combination of two will be more efficient.

If you’re considering what type of device to buy from these three options, here are some key points to consider: blog.procore.com/blog/laptop-hybrid-laptop-tablet-mobility-has-never-been-more-diverse

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