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10 American Quirks That Are Actually Kinda Weird

1. AC everywhere, all the time.

Listen, I appreciate AC in the summer. Actually, I NEED AC in the summer. But you guys push it a bit too far. There’s no need to turn every store into an icicle, especially when it’s not even that hot outside anymore.

2. Having American flags everywhere.

Just in case you weren’t sure what country you’re in.

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3. The size of the cars.

You could fit three French cars in one of those.

4. Selling cigarettes in pharmacies.

Call me old-fashioned but you shouldn’t be able to buy cigarettes and get your flu shot at the same place.

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5. The fact that something called “the World Series” only features American teams.

There are other countries that matter on this planet.

6. Iced water even when it’s 20°F outside.

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I get liking ice-cold water in the summer, but most restaurants serve it even when it’s snowing outside. Does no one have sensitive teeth in this country?

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7. The fact that the tax is never included on the price tag.

I just want to know how much I’m actually gonna pay.

8. And wall-mounted shower heads.

9. Having to share a dorm room in college.

I know this is a traditional rite of passage for many Americans, but the thought of spending a whole school year living with a rando and struggling to get any kind of privacy is pretty terrifying, TBH.

10. Having to endure 3,000 commercial breaks on TV.

When a 40-minute-long program ends up lasting an hour because of countless commercial breaks, something isn’t right.

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