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Newborn Dies After Hospital Refuses To Make Room For Her

It has become an all-too familiar tale, but that does not mean it hurts any less.

Five-week-old Blayke started showing cold-like symptoms shortly after birth. At some point, she appeared to have had trouble breathing, so her parents, Tessa McAllister and Cody Hay, took her to the doctor.

They were reassured that their daughter would be back to normal in no time because it was just the common cold, according to the CBC.

However, Tessa and Cody’s parental instincts told them otherwise.

They knew their baby’s illness was more than just a cold, so they took her to their family physician of several years, Dr. Jeffery Hans. Unfortunately, he had the same response, and didn’t do much to help little Blayke.

After Blayke failed to recover, her parents were finally given a diagnosis: she had respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), an infection that affects the lungs and respiratory tract, but manifests itself with cold-like symptoms.

In severe cases, RSV can lead to bronchiolitis, which requires hospitalization.

Following the diagnosis, Tessa and Cody asked for Blayke to be hospitalized because her condition was worsening by the day, and they were no longer able to help her at home.

“My baby’s sick and I don’t think I can do it. So I went and I said that. ‘I don’t think I can take care of her at home,'” Tessa told CBC.

The couple was given a glimmer of hope when Dr. Hans finally contacted the hospital, but things took a turn for the worse soon after.

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