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"My 600lb Life" Doctor Sued After Leaving Steel Inside Patient's Body

The show My 600lb Life is controversial, yet people still watch the episodes whenever they can. The premise is pretty straightforward, as patients who are morbidly obese undergo weight loss surgery in an attempt to better their lives.

The structure of each episode is always the same, but the outcome varied from patient to patient. At the beginning of each episode, we see how terribly the patients are living due to their weight. Most of them cannot get out of bed, let alone live a fulfilling life. They often feel as though they’re a burden on their family and spend most of their day eating fast food or other unhealthy options.
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Patients then go see Dr. Nowzaradan, a renowned bariatric surgeon, who offers to help turn their lives around as long as they prove they’re dedicated. This means sticking to a 1200 calorie diet that features healthy foods and limited exercise. If patients can lose a certain amount of weight in a month, they’ll be approved for weight loss surgery. 

Chay, a patient on “My 600lbs Life”, struggled to follow the calorie-restrictive diet, but ultimately found his way to weight loss.

Dr. Nowzaradan, referred to as Dr. Now by most patients, then performs weight loss surgery on the patients, with the hopes that they’ll keep up with the program. He’s seen as a hero of sorts, giving these patients a second lease on life they may not have gotten otherwise.

However, Dr. Now is currently dealing with a nasty lawsuit that is nothing to scoff at.

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