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2018’s Top 6 Women of Rock N’ Roll – Best Female Rock Singers

Who are the greatest women in Rock ‘n Roll? Today’s top music artists named their choices for the best female Rock singers of all time, and, here is our selection of top 10 out of many greatest female vocalists of Rock ‘n’ Roll.
Presenting the list of 2018’s top 6 women of Rock N’ Roll, in no particular order.

Joan Jett

When you think of Joan Jett, most people immediately hum “I Love Rock N’ Roll” and that’s just a small part of her growing legacy. The platinum selling songwriter and “Godmother of Punk” has had her hands in different creative pots throughout the decades, and has penned more chart topping hits than we can list. With a fashion sense, vocal style and catalog of music that has influenced multiple genres, Jett has left one of the biggest marks in the music industry that will rub off on generations to come. In recent years Jett has been busy supporting acts such as Foo Fighters and The Who, and even joined Nirvana on stage to perform “Smells Like Teen Spirit” for their Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame induction.

Juliette Lewis (Juliette Lewis and the Licks)

Although her legacy is set in stone with her iconic acting career, Juliette Lewis also is well known for her diverse musical prowess with her rock act Juliette Lewis and the Licks. Widely known to have broken up in 2009, Lewis surprised fans with reuniting in 2015 and releasing new music 2016. Lewis formed the band to focus on the live element of music and has been known for throwing some of rock’s music intense and eclectic concerts.

 Amy Lee (Evanescence)

The impact of Amy Lee and her band Evanescence on the world of rock, goth metal and pop is often underestimated. Often copied but never duplicated, Amy Lee is a rock goddess who is idolized for her iconic voice, music and fashion sense. Behind the scenes she is known for her grounded attitude, philanthropic efforts and recent efforts to make music that is family friendly. As one of the most gifted songwriters on the list, her overall contributions to music make her one of the most respected female singer-songwriters in rock n’ roll.

Florence Welch (Florence and the Machine)

As one of the youngest on the list, Florence Welch of the popular group Florence and the Machine is just under 10 years into their iconic career of making undeniably unique art pop. Since the release of her 2009 smash hit debut ‘Lungs’, Welch has only continued to ascend the rockstar ladder of success with hit after hit. With her eclectic fashion sense and incredible vocal range, Florence and the Machine crafts music that is distinct and not for your average pop music listener. Welch and her band are currently experience success with latest singles including “Ship To Wreck” and both Grammy and iHeart Radio award nominations.

Betty Moon

With a successful career spanning over 20 years, Betty Moon is known for being a Canadian and US based music tour de force in fashion, production and songwriting. Currently promoting her 2017 album ‘Chrome”, Moon recently attended the 2018 GRAMMY awards and is preparing for the release of her latest single and music video for “Parachute”. Her unique rock n’ roll style and voice earned Moon a major label record deal in her teens which set the stage for her continued success throughout the years. As of March 2018 Moon officially reached #5 on the New Canadian Music global charts.

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