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How many breeds of Dogs live in the world ?

The World Canine Organization is best recognized by its French title Fédération Cynologique Internationale which is shortened FCI. It is the biggest registry of Dog Breeds that are worldwide approved. At the time of this writing, the FCI recognizes 339 types of pet dogs which are separated right into 10 teams according to the pet’s function or function or upon its look or size. The 10 teams are:

Sheepdogs and also Cattle Dogs besides Swiss Cattle Dogs (this team includes most of the dogs discovered categorized as “rounding up pet dogs” by other kennel clubs).
Pinscher as well as Schnauzer – Molossoid Breeds – Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs as well as Other Breeds (the Molossian types include the pets known as the mastiffs by most other kennel clubs).

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