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Woman Gets Fired For The Color Of Her Hair – And Her Father's Response Goes Viral

Have you ever judged someone solely on their appearance? Most of us have, even though we know that’s the wrong thing to do.
I remember having such difficulty finding a job because of the tattoos on my hands and arms. I didn’t see how that meant I was uneducated or lesser than anyone else applying for those jobs.
If anything, I was probably overqualified. But every time I walked into that interview office, someone would judge me on my form of self-expression.

My tattoos used to make me feel confident, but now they’ve ruined my self-esteem, making me feel isolated from the world.
And then there was my dad, who told me every day to not go get another tattoo because one day I would regret all of them. So after 10 job interviews and being turned down for each one because of my body art, my dad felt like he could tell me “I told you so.”

That being said, there are some fathers that are even worse when it comes to how their daughters choose to present themselves to the world.

For example, one father chopped off his daughter’s beautiful highlighted locks on her 13th birthday, completely humiliating her
and making her feel like an outcast. The father did this only because he didn’t like the idea of his daughter’s hair being highlighted. Ridiculous, right?
While some fathers are extremely unsupportive, there are some who will come to their daughter’s rescue in a heartbeat.
Joe Blakeney was appalled when his 19-year-old daughter came home one day telling him that she got fired because of the color of her hair.

He decided to take matters into his own hands.

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