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Rugged Mitsubishi Triton Absolute concept revealed

Luke Wilkinson 2019-03-26 14:45

New one-off version of L200 pickup arrives at the 2019 Bangkok Motor Show, focussed on functionality and performance

Mitsubishi has built a bespoke edition of its Triton (L200 in Europe) pick-up truck for the 2019 Bangkok Motor Show, called the Triton Absolute. It boasts modifications focussed on off-road functionality rather than looks alone, with the Japanese firm promising strong mechanical durability and improved performance.

Revisions over the standard L200 include a set of enormous multi-piece alloys wrapped in knobbly off-road tyres, a blacked-out grille, squared and flared carbon fibre wheel arches, a carbon fibre tailgate, a carbon fibre front bumper, a new tonneau cover with grab handles and new roof-mounted LED floodlights.

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To make it more capable off-road, Mitsubishi has also fitted the Triton Absolute with a raised suspension setup and a collection of protective body panelling. No information has been confirmed about Absolute’s engine, but it’ll probably feature the same 179bhp 2.4-litre turbocharged diesel four-cylinder as the standard model.

Depending on the pick-up’s reception at this year’s Bangkok Auto Show, it’s possible that Mitsubishi could build a production variant, giving the Japanese firm a viable rival for the Ford Ranger Raptor. For the time being, however, the project remains a concept car.

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