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Pete Buttigieg explains his theory of political change

The South Bend mayor turned 2020 hopeful talked to Ezra Klein about how being a mayor has prepared him for national office and his vision for the country.

Pete Buttigieg is a Rhodes scholar, a Navy veteran, and the mayor of South Bend, Indiana. He’s a married gay man, a churchgoing Episcopalian, and a proud millennial. He’s also, according to CNN, “the hottest candidate in the 2020 race right now.”

Buttigieg has become a surprising standout in the 2020 Democratic field. He joined The Ezra Klein Show to talk about the structural issues plaguing US politics, how being a mayor has prepared him for national office, and his vision for the country.

“We’ve really hit a different moment in our political trajectory, where we are so paralyzed in our ability to address anything — from wages to the climate to you name it — by the dysfunction in our system that it’s time to tend to our system,” Buttigieg said.

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