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Tesla Semi truck goes on sale, as a 1:24 scale model

Luke Wilkinson 2019-04-02 11:24

The Tesla has bolstered its range of die-cast collectibles with a new, $320 model of its forthcoming Tesla Semi truck articulated lorry

Tesla has expanded its collection of die-cast models with a new, 1:24 scale version of its all-electric articulated lorry. The model is available to purchase for the American and Canadian markets now and carries the same $320 (£245) price-tag as the rest of Tesla’s scaled-down range.

Tesla claims that it used the same 3D CAD data as the full-sized Semi in the manufacture of the scale model. Like the rest of Tesla’s scale models, the attention to detail is impressive; it comes with rubber tyres, fabric seat belts, textured rubber doorsteps, latching doors and a range of miniscule ‘Tesla’ badges on the wheels, bonnet and tail.

Tesla Model Y: prices, specs and release date

The all-electric Tesla HGV was first unveiled in 2017, with its most recent appearance being at the firm’s launch event for the Model Y. Tesla aims to put its lorry into production soon, with prices starting at £110,000 for the entry-level model (with 300 miles of range), and £140,000 for the top-spec version (with 500 miles of range).

Powered by four independent electric motors (one for each of the rear wheels), the Tesla Semi boasts an unladen 0–60mph time of five seconds, a drag coefficient of just 0.36 and a maximum towing weight of 36,000kg. Tesla claims it’ll also reach a top speed of 65mph when travelling fully-loaded up a five per cent gradient – 20mph faster than a similarly-laden diesel-powered HGV.

According to the company’s CEO, Elon Musk, orders for more than 2,000 full-sized Tesla HGVs have already been placed, with notable customers being PepsiCo, FedEx and UPS. All three companies plan to use the zero-emission Semi to minimise their supply chains’ environmental impact.

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