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Mercedes-AMG GLS on the way and Mercedes-Maybach version could follow

Steve Fowler 2019-04-18 09:15

Mercedes bosses conform the hot AMG GLS will arrive and a super-luxury Maybach GLS is on the cards. But there’ll be no electric model.

Mercedes bosses have confirmed that an AMG version of the new GLS will arrive. Speaking to Auto Express, Mercedes-AMG boss Tobias Moers said, “The markets have fed back to us to say they would like an AMG version out of the GLS.”

Dr Andreas Zygan, Head of SUV Development for Mercedes went a step further, saying, “We have a lot of customers for AMG, so it would make sense to make an AMG version of this car, but we cannot talk about the timeline or market introduction of this car, but there will be, of course.”

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A luxury Mercedes-Maybach version of the GLS is also on the cards, with Zygan telling us: “There is no decision we have taken, but what you see in the exquisite GLS is that we’ve developed a lot of things – the comfort and surroundings we’ve focused on – so the car has the possibility of a further project, but it’s not official.

“We’re looking closely and if we’re convinced, it would not take so long to make a decision.”

What Zygan did definitely rule out, though, was an electrified version of the GLS telling us that the platform was not designed for electrification and that demand would be too small anyway.

He did reveal that the GLS-based Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury concept, first shown at the Beijing Motor Show in 2018, could still become reality. “Why not?” he told us.

“At the end it is clear that it’s down to demands of customers – such a car is driven by customer demand and we need enough numbers. We have a very intensive discussion about this, but right now in the near future there won’t be such a concept.”

If the car does get the green light, it’s likely to be built alongside the GLS at Mercedes’ plant in Alabama in the USA.

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