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Police cancel up to 62 per cent of speeding tickets

Hugo Griffiths 2019-05-07 13:52

Home Office reveal one police force cancelled over three fifths of speeding tickets issued in a year, while another upheld 98.7 per cent

New figures how shown significant differences between how likely police are to cancel speeding tickets across the UK.

The Home Office data shows City of London Police cancelled 62.62 per cent of the speeding tickets it issued in the 201/18 financial year.

UK speed cameras explained

Cambridgeshire police cancelled the next highest proportion of speeding tickets, at 30.6 per cent, while Greater Manchester police cancelled 26.7 per cent.

Police forces cancelling the most speeding fines

  1. 1. City of London – 62.6%
  2. 2. Cambridgeshire – 30.6%
  3. 3. Greater Manchester – 26.7%
  4. 4. London Metropolitan – 24.2%
  5. 5. Bedfordshire – 23.2%

Reasons for cancelling tickets included incorrect details being logged of the alleged offence, the alleged speeder being shown not to have been driving when the offence was committed, incorrect speed-limit signs and improperly calibrated or misused speed cameras.

Some forces, however, were far less likely to cancel speeding tickets. North Wales police upheld 98.7 per cent the speeding tickets it issued, while Devon and Cornwall police upheld 98.4 per cent, and Dyfed-Powys police upheld 98.2 per cent.

Police forces cancelling the fewest speeding fines

  1. 1. North Wales – 1.3%
  2. 2. Devon & Cornwall – 1.6%
  3. 3. Dyfed-Powys – 1.8%
  4. 4. Wiltshire – 2.1%
  5. 5. Nottinghamshire – 2.1%

The Home Office data, which was acquired by finance provider Moneybarn and was published by Mailonline, also shows Avon and Somerset police issued the most tickets in the 2017/18 financial year, with 199,337 tickets issued. West Yorkshire issued the next most tickets, at 174,796, while Gloucestershire police issued the fewest, at 21,727.

This latest information on speeding in the UK follows an exclusive Auto Express investigation last month, which revealed the majority of police forces in the UK set their speed cameras to activate only when vehicles are travelling at 10 per cent of the speed limit plus 2mph.

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