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New Skoda Mountiaq pick-up concept developed by students

Faris Sultan 2019-05-28 15:20

The off-road inspired Skoda Mountiaq is a two-door pick-up concept based on the Kodiaq SUV

A new Skoda concept car, called the Mountiaq, is being built by Skoda apprentices. It’s the sixth concept car the apprentices have developed, and it has the support of the firm’s experts from the technical development, design and production departments.

Although yet to be fully revealed, the concept car, which will be a two-door pick-up based on a Kodiaq SUV, has taken 35 apprentices around 2,000 hours to design and build. It will come equipped with a winch and bullbar, 17-inch off-road Rockstar tyres, an illuminated load bed, and a roof-mounted off-road light bar. The Mountiaq will be finished in bright ‘Orange Sunset’ paint.

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Skoda says the apprentices faced several challenges during the Mountiaq build process, such as integrating a fully-functional tailgate at the end of the load bed.

Students also had to reinforce the body to be able to remove the roof of the Kodiaq and customise a rear panel and side windows. The front driver and passenger doors had to be shortened and widened to accommodate the pick-up architecture.

To ensure that the Mountiaq would be able to handle off-road terrain and be usable, the apprentices placed a powerful winch that is able to withstand heavy loads. They also increased the ground clearance by around 10cm over the Kodiaq due to the new Rockstar off-road tyres fitted.

Are you looking forward to seeing the finished Skoda Mountiaq? Let us know your thoughts below…

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