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Unique Volkswagen Golf GTI and R created for Worthersee festival

Luke Wilkinson 2019-05-30 13:00

VW commissioned two teams of apprentices to build a pair of bespoke high performance Volkswagen Golfs for Worthersee 2019

Volkswagen brought a bespoke Golf GTI and a unique Golf Estate to this year’s Worthersee auto show. Called the Golf GTI Aurora and the Golf Estate FighteR, the special edition models were constructed by two teams of Volkswagen apprentices, with both featuring improved performance and revised styling.

The Volkswagen Golf GTI Aurora was built by the German brand’s Wolfsburg apprentice team and features a revised body kit, a larger rear wing, lowered suspension, a roll cage, a hand-painted livery with Mint Green accents, an upgraded 3,500 watt stereo system and a range of additional display screens in the centre console and dashboard.

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Volkswagen’s Golf GTI Aurora show car also features a holographic display, mounted in the boot floor, which can be used to operate the car’s sound system. The system can only be operated when the car’s tailgate is open and offers a range of control elements such as a graphic equaliser, volume control and playlist display.

The German brand’s chairman, Thomas Schmall, commented: “It is like a mirage that you can clearly see and which we use to deliver a whole new user experience,” Schmall continued. “The hologram floats freely in the air, above the hardware that is integrated into a compact module in the luggage compartment.”

The Volkswagen Golf GTI Aurora is powered by a re-tuned version of the standard Golf GTI’s turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine, producing 374bhp. Performance is fed to all four wheels via a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

Volkswagen’s second apprentice team built a one-off, performance-focussed Golf Estate for Worthersee, called the FighteR. It’s powered by a heavily revised version of the Golf R’s turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine which produces 396bhp – almost 100bhp more than the standard Golf R Estate.

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VW Golf GTI Aurora - hologram

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Styling updates for the Golf Estate FighteR include a unique paint scheme and livery, a set of aggressively-flared wheel arches, a roof-mounted light system, grille-mounted strobe lights, a 360-degree camera, a custom-built sound system and a pair of leather-and-Alcantara trimmed bucket seats.

Once the Golf Estate FighteR has made its debut at Worthersee, Volkswagen plans to use it as a safety car for the Sachsenring racing circuit.

Now read our review of the standard Golf GTI and Golf R. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below…

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