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Toyota and Subaru to co-develop new electric car platform

Luke Wilkinson 2019-06-06 13:17

The two Japanese auto manufacturers will jointly design a dedicated all-electric platform, as well as a new C-segment SUV

Toyota and Subaru have announced an agreement which will see the pair jointly develop a dedicated all-electric platform for larger vehicles. The EV platform will reach the UK and European markets in the early 2020s underpinning a new C-segment SUV, which will also be designed and built collaboratively by the two brands.

Details on the new platform remain sparse, but Toyota and Subaru have claimed it will play to both brand’s strengths. As such, the pair’s new C-segment SUV will combine Toyota’s experience with electric technology with Subaru’s four-wheel-drive expertise. The platform will also underpin a range of larger vehicles, including a D-segment saloon and SUV.

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The pair have also announced their wider electrification strategy which, due to the differing amounts of environmental legislation and infrastructure support for each country, will vary according to the region. Toyota says it will provide a “horses for courses” approach to electrification, aiming to offer the right products for the right markets, at the right time.

As such, Toyota and Subaru will likely roll out its new electric platform in Japan, China and Europe first, where the electric market is strong and the supporting infrastructure is rapidly developing. Toyota is also keen to stress that hybrid powertrains will still form a key part of their electrification strategy, and that it continues to research hydrogen technology.

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