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Hardcore Ford GT teaser hints at possible WEC hypercar entry

James Brodie 2019-06-21 15:55

A bewinged and faster roadgoing Ford GT is set for Goodwood Festival of Speed debut early next month

Ford will arrive at the Goodwood Festival of Speed on 4 July with news of a new version of the 647bhp, V6-powered GT hypercar, which has been teased in typical shadowy fashion.

Officially, the brand has not communicated anything beyond confirmation of the “special” announcement, which will take place on the Ford stand on Goodwood’s opening Thursday.

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The image above all but confirms that it will be either a hardcore, more track focussed variant of the GT, or a new version of the GTE racer competing in the World Endurance Championship (WEC).

The most obvious change is the adoption of a massive new rear wing, spanning the full track of the car and featuring enormous side planes. Elsewhere, we can spot a new air inlet placed on the roof too, aping the GTE spec racer.

However, the teaser image reveals a set of production-spec headlights lifted directly from the road going version of the GT and not the racer. As such, the car that will be revealed at Goodwood will almost certainly be roadworthy, but with track intent.

It could even be a new homologation special. The FIA has just announced new top-division ‘Hypercar’ rules for the WEC from the 2020/21 season onwards, requiring just a production run of 20 roadworthy models for cars to qualify. Aston Martin has already confirmed that the V12 powered Valkyrie will compete in the class, while Toyota is preparing a version of its upcoming GR Super Sport hypercar for the competition too.

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