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Bentley Continental GT Convertible Number 1 Edition unveiled

Alex Ingram 2019-06-28 12:13

Third of Bentley's centenary specials features gold-plated badging and unique feature cast from the original Blower Bentley's engine

Bentley has revealed the GT Convertible 1 Edition by Mulliner: a special edition model inspired by the classic supercharged Blower from 1929. Just 100 examples will be produced.

Using the 6.0-litre W12 GT Convertible as a starting point, the 1 Edition features a range of bespoke cosmetic upgrades. There’s two colours to choose from: Dragon Red II (deep red) or Beluga (black) each get a contrasting hood in the opposite shade. All models feature a number ‘1’ painted into the front grille, and feature blacked-out trim and a carbon fibre body kit in place of the traditional brightwork.

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Other exterior touches to mark out the 1 Edition include 22-inch alloy wheels available in one of two colours, and unique badging on the side wings plated in 18 carat gold.

Inside, the cabin is trimmed in a choice of ‘cricket ball’ or black leather, with gloss black wood veneers and turned aluminium inserts. The steering wheel and gear selector are finished in alcantara, while the ‘organ stop’ air vent controls are also gold plated.

Each 1 Edition features a unique piece embedded into the Continental’s rotating display. Spin away from the main infotainment screen, and the central dial of the usual three dial arrangement is replaced by scaled-down wheel spinner, as found on the original Blower Bentleys. Enclosed in resin, the metal used is cast from a piston removed from the original Number 1 Blower Bentley during a restoration.

The GT Convertible 1 Edition by Mulliner is the third of a what Bentley refers to as a 'trilogy' of limited edition models built to make the brand’s centenary year; it follows the Mulsanne WO Edition and the Continental GT Number 9 Edition.

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