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VXR is back! Performance badge to return on Vauxhall Corsa-e VXR and Vivaro-e VXR van

Steve Fowler 2019-09-09 22:25

Hot Vauxhalls are on the comeback trail with the electric Corsa-e supermini and Vivaro van both getting VXR versions in 2020

Vauxhall’s famous VXR badge will make a return in showrooms next year on two all-new electric models, according to Vauxhall boss Stephen Norman.

First to receive the VXR treatment will be the new Corsa-e. According to Norman, it’ll start with cosmetic enhancements, but may extend to handling and performance tweaks, too. “Let’s see where it goes,” Norman told Auto Express.

Frankfurt Motor Show 2019

The new Corsa-e arrives in showrooms in January with a range of 211 miles and a 0-31mph time of 2.8 seconds, thanks to its instant torque. The 0-62mph sprint takes just 8.1 seconds.

The Corsa’s 50kWh battery pack and 134bhp electric motor can be used in Normal, Eco and Sport modes, the latter providing the greatest level of performance, but with range dropping by 21 miles.

Handling is said to be much improved over the old car, with a lower centre if gravity thanks to both the low-set battery pack, a roof height that’s dropped by 48mm and the driver sitting 28mm lower, too.

Vauxhall VXR8 GTS - seat detail

The confirmation of a Corsa-e VXR follows Vauxhall’s reveal of an all-electric Corsa-e rally car at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Perhaps more of a shock, however, is Norman’s revelation that the new all-electric Vivaro van is also going to get the VXR treatment. Built in Luton, the new Vivaro-e will also go on sale next year with an expected range of around 200 miles. It, too, will focus on visual upgrades rather than any performance improvements, initially at least.

Norman expects the Corsa-e to account for at least 10% of all Corsa sales – he says that’s the number Vauxhall needs to hit to reach the CO2 targets that come into force in 2020. However, with increasing consumer demand that could be more.

The new Corsa-e will cost from £26,490 when it goes on sale, with the first 500 buyers also getting a free home charging wallbox.

What do you think of Vauxhall VXR’s change of focus? Let us know in the comments…

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