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£27k Bugatti Baby II toy car launched: a racing icon, only smaller

Luke Wilkinson 2019-09-18 17:00

Bugatti has partnered with the Little Car Company to produce a scaled down, battery-powered replica of the Bugatti Type 35

As part of its 110th anniversary celebration, Bugatti has built a scaled down, all-electric replica of the Bugatti Type 35, called the Baby II. It’s 75 percent the size of the original racer, and is designed for both children and adults to drive. Production is limited to just 500 units (all of which have been sold), with prices starting from €30,000 (£27,000).

The Bugatti Baby II’s body and chassis are near-perfect scale replicas of the Type 35’s. The model’s production started with a full digital scan of the 1924 Bugatti Type 35 Lyon Grand Prix racer, to which the designers added mounts for the modern all-electric drivetrain and lithium-ion battery pack.

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Its eight-spoke alloy wheels are faithful reproductions of the wheels on the original car, but are wrapped in modern Michelin rubber, rather than outmoded cross-ply tyres. The original car’s lightweight hollow front axle has also been replicated to scale, along with its suspension and steering systems.

The Baby II’s cockpit features a classic, four-spoke, wood-rimmed steering wheel, a turned aluminium dashboard and custom Bugatti gauges. The original car’s tachometer, oil pressure and fuel level gauges have been replaced by a speedometer, a battery level indicator and a power gauge (as found on the Veyron).

All cars feature a working horn, a rear view mirror, a handbrake, headlights and a remote control which can disable the car from a distance of 50 metres. On the car’s nose sits a replica of Bugatti’s famous “Macaron” badge, hewn from 50 grammes of solid silver.

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Bugatti baby Type 35 - rear

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The Bugatti Baby II is available in three specifications. The base-model comes with a composite body, the mid-range Baby II Vitesse features a carbon fibre body and the range-topping Baby II Pur Sang has a hand-crafted aluminium body. Just like with the Bugatti Chiron hypercar, the two more expensive trim levels also come with a “Speed Key.”

The Bugatti Baby II is powered by an electric motor, fed by either a 1.4kWh or optional 2.8kWh lithium-ion battery pack. As standard, the drivetrain is fitted with a regenerative braking system and a limited-slip differential.

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The powertrain comes with three selectable power modes. In “child mode,” the motor delivers 1.3bhp and a top speed of around 12mph. “Adult mode” increases the electric motor’s output to 5.3bhp, providing a top speed to 30mph. Enabling the Baby II’s “Speed Key” pushes power to 13.4bhp and disengages the car’s speed limiter.

What do you make of Bugatti’s scaled-down Type 35? Let us know in the comments section below…

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