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All-new Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ confirmed

Luke Wilkinson 2019-09-27 16:00

Toyota and Subaru have signed an agreement which will see the jointly developed GT86 and BRZ progress into the next decade

Toyota and Subaru have signed another business agreement, which will see the pair jointly develop next-generation versions of the GT86 and BRZ sports cars. This revised business partnership follows the announcement on the pair’s jointly developed all-wheel-drive battery-electric vehicle.

Exact specifications on the second-generation GT86 and BRZ are yet to be announced, but Toyota has confirmed that both cars will be rear-wheel-drive. Toyota has also said that the two vehicles will be completely new from the ground up, rather than a simple rehash of the current models.

Toyota and Subaru to co-develop new electric car platform

Given the average production cycle of a vehicle is around seven to eight years, and the existing GT86 and BRZ were both launched in 2012, it’s likely that the finished second-generation editions will launch towards the end of 2020.

Subaru BRZ tS - rear

The agreement has also seen Toyota increase its stake in Subaru by 3.17 per cent, upping its overall ownership to 20 per cent. The deal will further “develop and strengthen” the brands’ long-term partnership, according to both brands.

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