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Second-generation Toyota Mirai concept readied for Tokyo reveal

Luke Wilkinson 2019-10-11 10:14

Toyota will preview its new hydrogen-electric powered Mirai saloon at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, ahead of its launch in 2020

Toyota will reveal its second-generation Mirai concept at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, ahead of its launch in 2020. The Japanese manufacturer’s latest hydrogen-electric saloon features a new platform, extensively revised styling and an improved fuel cell system and electric motor, which promises a greater range and better performance.

The new Toyota Mirai will share its rear-wheel-drive platform with the current, Japan-only Toyota Crown executive saloon. As such, its dimensions have grown over its predecessor – its length has extended by 85mm to 4,975mm, while its wheelbase has increased by 140mm to 2,920mm. A radical styling overhaul from the previous car means that a long, low body replaces the slightly frumpy look of the first-gen model.

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Design-wise, the new Mirai will adopt more aggressive styling than the outgoing model. It’s lower and wider than the car it replaces and features a more rakish profile, with a long bonnet and a sloping rear roofline. This concept also features a wide front grille, a large chin spoiler, a deep rear diffuser and a fresh set of 20-inch alloy wheels.

Full details on the second-generation Mirai’s hydrogen-electric drivetrain are yet to be announced, but Toyota has confirmed it will boast a 30 per cent increase in range over its predecessor, thanks to its larger hydrogen storage tank. Filling a hydrogen car is currently a much quicker process than charging an electric car offering a similar range, but very few EVs can get close to the new Mirai's projected ability to run 440 miles between top-ups.

Performance should also improve substantially, thanks to a completely redesigned fuel cell system and fuel cell stack. The previous model produced 152bhp and 335Nm of torque, but it's likely that the new model will exceed 200bhp and 400Nm.

The cabin of the new Toyota Mirai looks set to receive an upmarket redesign with leather upholstery, a soft-touch dashboard, a wireless smartphone charger, a new dash-mounted 12.3-inch infotainment system and a digital instrument binnacle. Also, thanks to its updated hydrogen storage system, the new Mirai will offer seating for five rather than four.

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