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Swindon Powertrain launches ‘crate’ electric car motor for converters

Luke Wilkinson 2019-10-18 11:29

Swindon Powertrain now supplies a compact ‘crate’ powertrain, designed for use in light commercial, sports and classic vehicles

Swindon Powertrain, the British engineering firm responsible for the all-electric Swind-e Classic Mini, has launched a compact ‘crate’ EV motor. The company claims the powertrain has a wide range of applications, being suitable for use in commercial vehicles, sports cars and classic cars. Production is set to start in June 2020.

The transverse-mounted electric powertrain is mated to a single-speed transmission and produces the equivalent of 107bhp. It measures 600mm wide, 280mm tall and weighs 70kg – and Swindon says that it will fit under the bonnet of a classic Mini, in a quad bike or under the load bed of a light commercial vehicle.

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Swindon Powertrain claims its crate EV motor offers the highest power/volume ratio of any electric motor on the market. The British engineering firm also says the system could be used as an electrified axle for passenger vehicles, to convert them to hybrid-electric drive.

Swindon Powertrain hopes its new crate EV motor will ease the shift towards electrification for smaller manufacturers. The firm’s managing director, Raphael Caille, said: “to date, niche manufacturers have not had access to compact, high-power EV powertrains they could source in low to mid-volume, leading to a vacuum of supply.”

“When you factor in development costs, specialist OEMs haven’t been able to electrify their vehicles as quickly as they would like. Our ready-to-install ‘crate’ powertrain will accelerate EV adoption in sectors poorly served by the larger tier-one manufacturers and integrators.”

What do you make of Swindon Powertrain’s new crate EV motor? Let us know in the comments section below…

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