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How states are spending $3 billion in VW settlements

The Volkswagen Group’s sweeping diesel emissions violations that cost the storied automaker more than 26 billion euros ($30.4 billion) is now helping fuel the rise of electric cars, buses and charging stations across the U.S. As part of a series of sweeping settlements, Volkswagen has agreed to pay almost $3 …

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Laptop, hybrid laptop

Laptop, hybrid laptop Laptop, hybrid laptop, tablet: mobility has never been more diverse! Tablets such as the iPad are growing in popularity, and by many accounts are taking the industry by storm, with people trying to get their tablets to do the things they’ve always done with their laptops. Beginning a …

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Easy auto loan

Easy auto loan can be obtained in a number of ways. One way to obtain easy auto loan is to go the local dealership.  You can purchase a car through the dealership and they will offer you an easy auto loan through an in-house finance company.  Most major automobile manufacturers …

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