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عدة خطوات لمنع استعادة صورك المحذوفة من « آي فون » بعد بيعه

عديد من الخطوات لمنع استعادة صورك المحذوفه بعدما أطلقت «أبل» أحدث هواتفها «آي فون 6» و«آي فون 6 بلس» مؤخراً، اتخذ العديد من مستخدمي آي فون قرار الترقية، مما يعني أن البعض سيرغب في بيع الهاتف القديم الخاص به، وسيتكرر الأمر قريباً بعد الكشف عن هاتف «آي فون 6 إس»، …

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Forever Recap: Cabin

We’ve now been reunited with Oscar who has, for better and worse, died. He’s dead! And June’s dead, too! They’re both gone, done, a whole year apart. Now they’ve been reunited, dearly, in the afterlife.On the surface, this isn’t the worst news that we’ve gotten during this series. The neighborhood …

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A Simple Favor Is a Breezy, Soapy Noir

The type of contemporary movie that gets called “noir” nowadays doesn’t bear much resemblance to the films of the genre’s golden era. For one thing, they tend to be a lot less funny. Classics like The Big Sleep and Double Indemnity are shadowy and sordid, but they never brood — …

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Subaru preps $48.2 million Michigan tech center

Subaru Corp., one of the hottest automakers in the U.S., plans a $48.2 million technical center in Van Buren Township, Mich., near Detroit. Subaru Research and Development Inc., a subsidiary of Subaru, will build the 60,000-square-foot center on 76 acres of vacant land near Interstate 94 and Willow Run Airport …

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Finest Puppy Food for best Puppy health

Finest Puppy Food for best Puppy health Finest Puppy food is constantly wanted for the sake of our pups. A very few people identify the importance of increasing a pup on the ideal food, for better health and wellness and fewer issues in later life for the dog, yet it …

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